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What our Clients say

"As someone who has worked with CPS IT Consulting, I can confidently say that they have an unparalleled track-record in supplying exceptional candidates. Compared to other agencies, CPS IT stands out in delivering high-quality candidates that have consistently exceeded my expectations. The majority of my top-performing contractors and employees have been sourced from CPS IT Consulting, and I have never had a candidate that wasn't excellent. When I receive candidates from CPS IT, I am assured that I am getting top-notch candidate and can confidently make my hiring decisions. CPS IT Consulting has definitely earned my trust and I highly recommend their services."
Alex Garner
Governance and Performance Manager
Defence ITS Account
Leidos Australia
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Some of our customers


Savi Pothuwila

Manager - Client Services

SPTECH IT Solutions

"I highly recommend CPS IT Consulting for their exceptional service in finding skilled IT resources. We were facing challenges in recruiting the right talent through traditional online employment platforms until we reached out to CPS IT Consulting. Their no-nonsense approach and clear expertise in IT employment proved invaluable to our team. Thanks to their extensive network of qualified resources and a thorough vetting process, we were able to successfully deliver a stalled project with the right talent. I'm impressed by CPS IT Consulting's strong knowledge and dedication to providing excellent service."

Faizul Zakaria

Director, ICT Services


"I can't recommend CPS-IT enough for their exceptional recruitment service. We were struggling to find qualified candidates through our usual channels, as many applicants lacked the specific skillsets, we required for a generalist role. But CPS-IT stepped in and provided invaluable guidance, helping us to refine our position description and set realistic expectations based on the current job market. Their collaborative approach was impressive, as they listened closely to our requirements and adjusted their recruitment strategy based on our feedback. Thanks to their extensive network of IT professionals, we were able to find the perfect candidate for the job, and we now have a clear understanding of how to grow the role further. CPS-IT's commitment to engagement and communication was outstanding throughout the entire process, from initial contact to candidate onboarding. We highly recommend CPS-IT for their expertise, professionalism, and outstanding service."

Johan Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Multimedia Technology

"When we were searching for a high-performing sales representative with a wide customer base, we struggled for months to find the right fit. Thankfully, I had a trusted relationship with Craig at CPS IT Consulting. The CPS team gave us clear guidance on how to approach the role and understand the market, which helped us build an incredible team in Sydney. Their expertise and specific approach to finding candidates in the hidden market led us to a successful outcome, including finding our very own unicorn in a market where suitable candidates are hard to come by. Every member of our team has thrived in their roles, thanks to CPS IT’s valuable insights and exceptional recruitment skills."

“I was facing the challenge of finding a Presales resource who had expertise in both ICT and Telco products and solutions, as well as the necessary business acumen to engage with customers. CPS IT Consulting stood out from other options available to me in several ways. Unlike other agents I engaged with, CPS IT Consulting took a proactive approach. Craig actively reached out to potential candidates and interviewed a subset of them to assess their suitability. This approach proved to be significantly more effective than the traditional method of relying solely on candidates who applied through job ads on platforms like Seek and LinkedIn. In previous recruitment engagements, I had to settle for the best candidate out of a less-than-ideal pool. However, with CPS IT Consulting, I was presented with multiple high-calibre candidates, making it difficult for me to choose the best one.

 I would highly recommend CPS IT Consulting without hesitation. Their proactive efforts saved me valuable time that would have otherwise been spent interviewing potentially unsuitable candidates. Furthermore, the overall quality of the candidates presented to me was significantly higher due to the thorough process followed by Craig. If I had to describe my experience with CPS IT Consulting in one word, it would be "stress-free." The professionalism and efficiency of the team made the entire recruitment process smooth and effortless.”

Pre-Sales Manager QLD

What our Candidates say

Pedro De La Paz
IT Systems Administrator

"CPS IT Consulting helped me find my last role with a major Australian retailer,
And I was very impressed with their level of professionalism and communication".

Andrew Wong

Senior Technical Consultant

“Craig helped me find a new job opportunity and was extremely professional. I was impressed on how he managed and communicated with my new employer about my referees. I started my new job in just 2 weeks. This came at a most challenging time of the year in early January. Thank you Craig cheers”.

Ranjith Kumar Christy

Services Solution Architect

"Craig was able to identify and explain the key requirements of the job where I currently work and map them to my skill sets. I am thankful to him as I believe this is a perfect match, now that it has been 9 months into the role".
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