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10 Must-Dos During a Job Interview – For Interviewers in Australia's IT Sector

The role of the interviewer in Australia's thriving IT sector is of paramount importance. Selecting the right candidate for technical positions ensures innovation, productivity, and ultimately, success for the company. But conducting an effective interview requires more than just asking the right questions. Here are ten must-dos to ensure that you, as an interviewer, get the most out of the process:

1. Preparation is Key

Before meeting the candidate, familiarise yourself with their CV. Know their strengths, weaknesses, and the projects they've been a part of. Understanding their technical acumen and their journey will help you tailor the questions more effectively.

2. Create a Comfortable Environment

Remember, a relaxed candidate is more likely to present their authentic self. Start with a warm greeting, offer them a drink, and ensure the seating is comfortable. This sets a positive tone for the conversation.

3. Structure the Interview

Start with general questions, move on to role-specific queries, and then delve into cultural fitment and behavioural aspects. A structured approach will ensure a holistic understanding of the candidate.

4. Test Technical Proficiency

Given the technical nature of IT roles, it's crucial to assess the candidate's actual skills. This could involve coding tests, problem-solving exercises, or even a short whiteboard session to evaluate their logical and analytical skills.

5. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions encourage candidates to share their experiences, opinions, and perspectives. Questions like "Can you describe a time when..." or "What would you do if..." offer invaluable insights into their approach and problem-solving abilities.

6. Avoid Leading Questions

To gain unbiased insights, ensure your questions aren't leading the candidate to a particular answer. Be as neutral as possible to elicit genuine responses.

7. Be Conscious of Unconscious Bias

Australia's IT sector boasts a diverse workforce. It's crucial to treat every candidate fairly and ensure decisions are based on merit. Be aware of potential biases, whether they relate to gender, ethnicity, age, or other factors, and strive for impartiality.

8. Allow Room for Queries

Dedicate time towards the end of the interview for candidates to ask their questions. Their inquiries can offer insights into what they value and expect from the role and the organisation.

9. Provide Clear Feedback

Whether the candidate is selected or not, offering clear feedback is not just courteous but also helps them in their future endeavours. Constructive feedback can aid their professional development.

10. Follow-up Promptly

Respect the candidate's time and anxiety levels. Whether it's a second interview, job offer, or a rejection, communicate the next steps in a timely manner.

The role of an interviewer, especially in the fast-paced IT sector, is both challenging and rewarding. By adhering to these ten must-dos, you'll not only ensure that the process is efficient and effective but also contribute positively to your organisation's reputation and future success. Remember, the right talent is out there – it's up to you to identify and onboard them!


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